Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Insanity Has Begun, Again.....Again!

Another priming of a 5x6 foot canvas for a figurative oil painting. The last time I primed one this large I took a similar self portrait and as before didn't realize what it was telling myself, this harbinger before me. Why make a painting this fucking large for someone who avoids shows for some reason? Fully knowing what hair pulling, brain splitation awaits. I know exactly why, the pain & the pleasure, then rolled-up to the closet and the whole process starts all over again. This Estranged Series painting is going to be called The is going to be very hard to do. 2014 all over again or '15, '16...

A break from GRMP, this blog? They have evolved now too. They take time,mentally, physically. Which is distracting which? That's a no brainer. I can only seriously concentrate on one thing, that is, what is motivating me. The challenge of failure, private failure is enough, all I need, the triumph of success, same thing. What is the point in sharing that? Money? Notoriety? More money! I don't know. Sharing was I thought, most importantly equaled good conversation. Now there, now,today, these days, is a challenge.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vidalia Onions, Southern Stoneware, Coonhounds & Cotton Mounds

We got this Hewell Bowl up near Brasstown Bald a few years ago.

It's held quite a few different edibles for paintings over the years.

This is a recent Coonhound On A Cotton Mound.

The first one I ever did hangs in the house.

So I'll never forget.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Slave Shack Smokehouse Original Georgia Red Mud Painting

Been working on a painting series of my old shack. I stare at it all the time off my back porch-studio.

There was several back there at one time on a dirt street called Monday Street.

One day long years ago the firemen practiced on them. Mine is the only one left.

It was a smokehouse too and sometimes a old fork makes its way above ground on the dirt floor inside.

Monday Street is long gone too, taken back by the Georgia Jungle.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Old Stoneware Root Vegetable Still Life Red Mud Paintings End 2016

More of the old Georgia Stoneware Series with Yukon Gold & Sweet Potatoes.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hog Sloppin, Good Liquor, Bad Home Brew & Changing Paintings

This one wasn't even done a week before it got gone, visitors to the house all the way from Texas. Nice, nice folks. Never did get a decent photo, oh well.

Planned a big thing with this one.

How it changed due to a comment over the subject and what was in their hands.

I thought, I'm not changing my history, my story, the my times on my grandads farm, just to make it more palatable to someone's pocketbook.

Then I remembered, the booze. The booze was always there too.

So I exchanged their hog whackin' bats for booze and it was all OK.

One thing will never change, the Boss always gets the good liquor.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Catfish Stringer, Long John Rabbits Food Box Art Sabbatical

I've decided to not list my available work for a while. This will be implemented soon. My older Red Mud's and other art is starting to pop-up more in auction catalogs so it's out there enough. It is hard marketing your art on your own. I've been lucky I guess without even a website. Maybe it's time or a gallery I can fit into, that has not been easy to find either, not that I've ever looked though. It is hard to find anyone you can trust in the art biz. So, I will still post on this blog from time to time and thin my Sunday listings of 1-3 paintings down to zero? We shall see...who's looking at this blog anyway? I think I'll just enjoy making art for myself for a while.

This painting is called Catfish Stringer, the latest from the food box series. It is available for one week click here

Below is The Long John Rabbit It was my previous most recent work in the Food Box Series. It sold.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Vagrant With A Savannah Swamp Dog Painting

The vagrant is gonna be up in that marsh oak all night long.

That swamp dog has his scent, until something better comes along.

It's alright though...

That vagrant is feeling no pains and in no hurry at all.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hog Sloppin', Frog Giggin' & Bird Doggin'

I'm working on a large painting about a hog slopping frenzy. I wish I could post photos, but revealing my process would definitely bring out a few Mr. Slugworths and they can stick where the sun don't shine. My Grandad kept a slop bucket by the kitchen table for his pigs.
All the scraps went in there, if a cigarette got accidentally scraped in "paw' would have a fit. Even though he was the only person smoking, you got blamed for the damn butt in the slop bucket. When we would get out to the pins to slop the hogs he always had a big stick or a bat. He would knock the living daylights out of the big hogs if the little ones couldn't get in to the frenzy. And the funniest thing was watching him cuss and whack if two hogs started fighting, Grandpa right in the middle.
There's a few low-life's out there over the years trying to steal my "Red Mud" look and stories, they're just trying to steal from my life because they have none of their own. These particular paintings of mine from over the years are an autobiography, my life sold on God. This painting I did as a break from a larger variation I started before.
I had to do this painting to figure things out, because the larger version is kicking my ass, when you see, if you see it, you will understand. It just might be the most challenging Red Mud I've tried, ....stay tuned.

So I did this smaller version of sorts to try and work something out. It really doesn't do the big version justice, but I am happy with it nonetheless.

Then there was this fella, sneaking around in the Savannah marsh, looking for bullfrogs to gig. When I was a tiny kid my Grandad in Texas had a huge frog gig.

It hung in the rafters of his garage. It must have been 12 feet of bamboo and an iron gig on the end. They gigged frogs out at the family farm in ponds, but out there in Texas they didn't call them ponds, they called them tanks. I love fried frog legs, one of the best things you can eat.
By the time I was old enough, we just caught the bullfrogs with our fishing poles and a dry jig...or the .22, BB gun, bow and arrow, etc. I also love Savannah, I'm moving there someday. In the mean time I go down there as much as I can...frogs better watch out.

But don't get me started on hunting southern quail vs. California quail. There is no debate. California quail is a man challenge, Southern quail, you're letting the dog do all the work.

I never hunted quail in the south. Saw enough of it though from the high class hunters. I did hunt California quail. California quail were much bigger and more challenging to hunt. You could not use a dog out there. You had to use a quail call and stalk the covey through the thick California Chaparrel. A bird dog was useless out there.
When you hit a covey it seemed like a thousand birds all at once swarming you and you shot like hell, just hoping your bird wouldn't land in a slew full of wild hogs. If so, you better find the nearest tree, because birdshot aint gonna do nothing to a mad wild hog. Click here for my art listings (although some of my auctions do not show right away because eBay is really screwed up these days, so check back from time to time. I probably should be quitting eBay here in the near future, it's just become such an addicting activity with the art over the years.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Watcher Rabbits Georgia Red Mud Painting

They're watching you watch them.

You're watching them watch you.

I watched you watch them.

And you watched me watch you.

This painting has sold.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

More Rabbit Butcher, More Big Elk, More Cats, Hounds, Trees!

I'm still on this Rabbit Butcher figure. It's been a few weeks since I stared at the huge canvas. In between theres been another small one then this on some birch...I like it!

And then there's some other things I have worked on and worked on then shoved someplace here and there. Later on that though, it aint like I'm getting paid to blog or something.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lady With A Laying Hen Hat & Rabbit Butcher #2-Georgia Red Mud paintings

I think the cold is done for the year here. No more dealing with firewood and 4 layers of clothes. I've been working with themes lately. My Granddad had a meat house out at the farm. I remember the big tree trunk butcher block, the cedar ham curing box and the huge walk in freezer full of farm meat, homemade sausage, liver pudding, catfish stew, wild game and homemade cheese.

Lady With A Laying Hen Hat is what I call one of my Blue Burst Red Mud Paintings. This lady walks around selling eggs. The hen lays them on her head and she just drops them down into the basket. About as fresh as they get.

Old school food, I bought some Mexican blood sausage the other day and have a fridge full of farm fresh double yolk eggs-strange, odd shaped things you will never see in your chain grocer. Time for my shady painted figure to cook.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Rabbit Butcher Beer Box Painting

I think I'm gonna do some larger variations of my beer box work. Been saying that, I have before and vice versa. Juggling the Estranged oil painting theme and the classic Red Mud/Black Figure has been just that-a juggle. I like them both and I can do them.
Who knows, like everything, it will evolve and morph, I'm sure.
Everything gets butchered eventually.
Then put back together again, one way or another.
Why not?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Libba With A Sunburst Parlor Guitar-Georgia Red Mud Painting

She's usually playing her Prewar Martin.
This time she's picking an old sunburst parlor guitar.
I think this is one of my best Georgia Red Mud Paintings.
I'd like to see it hanging in a museum someday, but they usually don't give artist like me that time a day... least while I'm still kicking.