Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fighting Black Cat Harmonica Blues Original Georgia Red Mud Painting 2017

This man plays his harmonica and those cats on his lap start fighting.
When he stops playing the cats settle down.
He's either a terrible harmonica player or those cats got dancing and fighting all mixed up.
Available from 5/21/17 to 5/28/17 clickHere

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Catfish Alligator Jump Georgia Red Mud Painting SC Chandler

This man went out one day and caught dinner. On his way home through the marsh two alligators decided to sneak up on him under the red mud.
The man jumped straight up, threw his pole, his tackle, but is holding onto dinner for dear life. This is a lively scene, one I would like to do larger but my art time is tight.
This one is on a larger piece of matboard and will look great floated in a black frame with a mat backing under glass so you can see all the edges of the piece.
I am busy with the big oil figure series on canvas, but do like to take a break and do my Georgia Red Mud Series from time to time.
It is hard juggling both, but I keep on trying.
get it here

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Downer Cow, Tex S. Crawford Fake Commercial Folk Art Crafters-Artist Beware!

This was initially posted back in 2015 when all this went down. I removed it because I didn't want to give any publicity to this person and the mob he crowded around him for support. Just thinking about all this makes me want to vomit. Apparently memories have faded. Now we're hearing some false facts being spread around circles I am familiar with. I really hate putting all this up again. I set up this blog to talk about my Georgia Red Mud Painting Series of art with my family history here in the south. These low-life people have no place in my world, but maybe this post should stay now to help other artist out there who don't know what to do or say in this situation. ______________________________________________

Several years back and about a year into my now defunct 7 year streak of not eating a hamburger, I read a story about Downer Cows.

Downer Cow is a cattle industry term used for sick cows. These cows are not allowed to be processed for consumption. I was horrified to hear in the story that not only were the cows being processed, the meat was generally used in public school lunch programs.

The term and imagery stuck in my head and I painted this painting in 2010.

Five years later I was again horrified to see basically a stencil of this painting with my Red Mud color scheme hanging feet away from a group of my Georgia Red Mud paintings (via Around Back At Rocky's Place Gallery) at the Quinlan Visual Art Center in Gainsville Georgia.

Of course this bad knock-off was signed by someone else, with a contrived title "Mystic Bull Of Yester Year", who I later remembered had emailed me in 2013 stating he had been following my art, blog and "Youtubery" for as he said, "years". I had no idea who this person was, but responded respectfully. Then earlier this year, prior to a recent "folk" show in Georgia where I have lived, this person, real name Stephen Bennett Crawford, was noticed asking where I was living. Why? Perhaps when it appeared I was not in this commercial folk crafter fair "art scene" the gate was opened to slap up his knock-offs.

Also discovered in this persons showboat of "original creations", "inspired" works of my Murder Of Crows In A Dead Magnolia Series and Charley Patton Rattlesnake Blues.

Upon seeing this my wife posted her thoughts on her Facebook page. Apparently someone shared it to the opposing party and to my understanding a Facebook lynch-mob against me has started. Even reaching to the point of one of these people, again, someone I have never met, spoken to, emailed, nothing, but apparently preaches peace and "Big Love" has threatened publicly on Facebook to come to my home and "whip" our ass for my wife posting her thoughts.

I have contacted my attorney who advised me that this person was infringing on my copyrights, the proper steps have been taken. Still, I cannot for the life of me believe there is a group of people attacking me all because I found my work being stolen and tried to stand-up for it.

When I was a kid they thought I was autistic, I drew constantly, never listened, built giant airplanes in my yard. A hearing test revealed I was nearly deaf. After my operation I got my hearing back but still kept making art. I earned my B.F.A in studio art/photography in 1992, have worked hard in art and photography for decades-have the resume to prove it. Each series of work I've done has been done over the years between one day job after another, I quit a few jobs, but I never quit my art.

Years ago I couldn't have imagined this-fighting for my art. Bullied by a click of people who are taking a wonderful genera known as Southern Folk Art and turning it into an embarrassing hippy-dippy marketeer nursery school art sing-a-long...and when this doesn't pay the festival tent fee, troll around the net with "Big Love & Free Hugs", plenty of real art to steal.

P.S. That "other artist" you are getting rambling hate filled messages from on Facebook, BlackGoat Folk Art/ Richard Chalmers/Bosco/Black Goat Country Store. Understand, I have never met this person. He bought my art in 2006, started making knock-offs of it a year later on Ebay, then he started stalking me and my family. He even got so low as to contacting my then 12 year old daughter on Youtube trying to say terrible things about her Dad, we had to notify the police about him. He lives somewhere in Vermont, elderly, is a complete psychopath that has probably friended you on Facebook and you have no idea who he is. I do, been dealing with this nutjob for nearly a decade now, whether you like me or not, you should block him.

A note to you artist out there that have never tried representing yourself on the net-Keep in mind if these type of people see you selling or getting any notoriety online or in a show, they will try and glean from you. Keep an eye out. You will see these types setting up at local carft/art fairs. They usually feel the need to make it more obvious that they are trying to be an "artist" by wearing clowny clothes that they wiped paint on and sometimes go as far as gluing kids toys or painting their cars like a kindergarten daycare classroom. They vomit out mass produced easily made kitsch, give out free hugs and act like they are peace lovin' folks. Don't believe it for one second. They are lazy ass-kissers who have no idea what it means to be a visual artist and the real work, sacrifice, commitment it takes to get there.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vidalia Onions, Southern Stoneware, Coonhounds & Cotton Mounds

We got this Hewell Bowl up near Brasstown Bald a few years ago.

It's held quite a few different edibles for paintings over the years.

This is a recent Coonhound On A Cotton Mound.

The first one I ever did hangs in the house.

So I'll never forget.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Slave Shack Smokehouse Original Georgia Red Mud Painting

Been working on a painting series of my old shack. I stare at it all the time off my back porch-studio.

There was several back there at one time on a dirt street called Monday Street.

One day long years ago the firemen practiced on them. Mine is the only one left.

It was a smokehouse too and sometimes a old fork makes its way above ground on the dirt floor inside.

Monday Street is long gone too, taken back by the Georgia Jungle.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Old Stoneware Root Vegetable Still Life Red Mud Paintings End 2016

More of the old Georgia Stoneware Series with Yukon Gold & Sweet Potatoes.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hog Sloppin, Good Liquor, Bad Home Brew & Changing Paintings

This one wasn't even done a week before it got gone, visitors to the house all the way from Texas. Nice, nice folks. Never did get a decent photo, oh well.

Planned a big thing with this one.

How it changed due to a comment over the subject and what was in their hands.

I thought, I'm not changing my history, my story, the my times on my grandads farm, just to make it more palatable to someone's pocketbook.

Then I remembered, the booze. The booze was always there too.

So I exchanged their hog whackin' bats for booze and it was all OK.

One thing will never change, the Boss always gets the good liquor.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Catfish Stringer, Long John Rabbits Food Box Art Sabbatical

I've decided to not list my available work for a while. This will be implemented soon. My older Red Mud's and other art is starting to pop-up more in auction catalogs so it's out there enough. It is hard marketing your art on your own. I've been lucky I guess without even a website. Maybe it's time or a gallery I can fit into, that has not been easy to find either, not that I've ever looked though. It is hard to find anyone you can trust in the art biz. So, I will still post on this blog from time to time and thin my Sunday listings of 1-3 paintings down to zero? We shall see...who's looking at this blog anyway? I think I'll just enjoy making art for myself for a while.

This painting is called Catfish Stringer, the latest from the food box series. It is available for one week click here

Below is The Long John Rabbit It was my previous most recent work in the Food Box Series. It sold.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Vagrant With A Savannah Swamp Dog Painting

The vagrant is gonna be up in that marsh oak all night long.

That swamp dog has his scent, until something better comes along.

It's alright though...

That vagrant is feeling no pains and in no hurry at all.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hog Sloppin', Frog Giggin' & Bird Doggin'

I'm working on a large painting about a hog slopping frenzy. I wish I could post photos, but revealing my process would definitely bring out a few Mr. Slugworths and they can stick where the sun don't shine. My Grandad kept a slop bucket by the kitchen table for his pigs.
All the scraps went in there, if a cigarette got accidentally scraped in "paw' would have a fit. Even though he was the only person smoking, you got blamed for the damn butt in the slop bucket. When we would get out to the pins to slop the hogs he always had a big stick or a bat. He would knock the living daylights out of the big hogs if the little ones couldn't get in to the frenzy. And the funniest thing was watching him cuss and whack if two hogs started fighting, Grandpa right in the middle.
There's a few low-life's out there over the years trying to steal my "Red Mud" look and stories, they're just trying to steal from my life because they have none of their own. These particular paintings of mine from over the years are an autobiography, my life sold on God. This painting I did as a break from a larger variation I started before.
I had to do this painting to figure things out, because the larger version is kicking my ass, when you see, if you see it, you will understand. It just might be the most challenging Red Mud I've tried, ....stay tuned.

So I did this smaller version of sorts to try and work something out. It really doesn't do the big version justice, but I am happy with it nonetheless.

Then there was this fella, sneaking around in the Savannah marsh, looking for bullfrogs to gig. When I was a tiny kid my Grandad in Texas had a huge frog gig.

It hung in the rafters of his garage. It must have been 12 feet of bamboo and an iron gig on the end. They gigged frogs out at the family farm in ponds, but out there in Texas they didn't call them ponds, they called them tanks. I love fried frog legs, one of the best things you can eat.
By the time I was old enough, we just caught the bullfrogs with our fishing poles and a dry jig...or the .22, BB gun, bow and arrow, etc. I also love Savannah, I'm moving there someday. In the mean time I go down there as much as I can...frogs better watch out.

But don't get me started on hunting southern quail vs. California quail. There is no debate. California quail is a man challenge, Southern quail, you're letting the dog do all the work.

I never hunted quail in the south. Saw enough of it though from the high class hunters. I did hunt California quail. California quail were much bigger and more challenging to hunt. You could not use a dog out there. You had to use a quail call and stalk the covey through the thick California Chaparrel. A bird dog was useless out there.
When you hit a covey it seemed like a thousand birds all at once swarming you and you shot like hell, just hoping your bird wouldn't land in a slew full of wild hogs. If so, you better find the nearest tree, because birdshot aint gonna do nothing to a mad wild hog. Click here for my art listings (although some of my auctions do not show right away because eBay is really screwed up these days, so check back from time to time. I probably should be quitting eBay here in the near future, it's just become such an addicting activity with the art over the years.