Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Redneck Dog, Man Eating Hand, Ebola Queen

The Redneck Dog, mostly oil on canvas. This came about after hearing a brief conversation between two people in the neighborhood as to why his dog barks at certain people. Lets just say the conversation was not very politically correct. Where did the rabbit people come from though, a canine translation perhaps? What do you think a dog is seeing, thinking, when barking aimlessly through the air?

Man Eating Hand, oil on canvas. Something was going through my head one day about survival, mans willingness to survive. I remember a few years after getting my B.F.A. digging in dumpsters behind an Albertsons in California, trying to find the expired bags of bread they would occasionally throw out. I had two jobs, cleaning toilets and working in a photolab. My wife had a job too. We still couldn't eat sometimes. That was California for us, expensive and people didn't want to pay you shit.

Ebola Queen, oil on raw stretched canvas. The African rituals of eating their dead loved ones struck a cord with me. What a perfect epicurean way to spread the disease while worshiping some faith or almighty leader. I guess Christians got something right converting the blood and body of Christ to wine and crackers, thank goodness for that.

These are some of my recent oil on canvas paintings. I've also been custom making the stretchers out of oak, very nice stretchers, time consuming to make however. I plan on keeping with this though. It is a refreshing break from the now ten year plus Georgia Red Mud series.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hands Up.Don't Shoot,I Can't Breathe, Bill Cosby's A Rapist? Georgia Red Mud Painting

The world seems to have gone nuts all the sudden. Robert Frost wrote Nothing Gold Can Stay. I say Nothing Gold Is Gold Anymore.

I'm not trying to be accusatory here, this is just an observation piece, a sign of the times, bewilderment. Everything we are supposed to trust is out the window.

Who is telling the truth? Issues about race have turned green folks, plain and simple.

I'm sure this is not one of my more palatable works, I most likely will take it down and paint a happy little kitty or a horsey or some other idea that matches someones living room setting.

It is a slice of my day though, sitting here in the studio, listening to the CNN Dramadome. It is sad, scary, a canvas for sure though.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Dueling Banjo Rattlesnake Cobra Joe's-Georgia Red Mud Painting Waterloo

After nearly two years, two living situations, at least two nervous breakdowns, I finally finished this one.

This one was sort of a part two of a earlier work of Joe's with just plain rattlesnakes. That one has been gone for a few years now. This one all the more deadly with the rare, elusive Northeast Georgia Rattlesnake Cobra.

The Joe's play for their lives while the serpents dance around their necks. The first to stop playing will be bit.

One thing I've learned is it's hard to stop a work like this and pick it up later. It needs to be done in the moment. I was unfortunate to have started it right before our house flooded. Then we moved to a 125 year old fixer-upper in the country and the Cobra Joe's were just stared at, unfinished for a long cold spell.

I don't think I can top this one and quite honestly am a bit burned-out on the whole Bluesman/Musical theme. This one was my Waterloo-sprayed with the garden hose and taken in the shower several,several times. Not being done in the moment, getting back in was torture. I got back in for a moment and that was enough. Done. Sealed forever.

Until the next one bites me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Redneck Dogs, Man Eating Hand, The Finished Masterpiece Not Folk Art Beer & Bacon

I'm still trying to re-archive some older work here. The more I go forward though the less I can delve back into the past I'm afraid.

I keep getting sidetracked by what's in front of me and a good bit of time what Texas artist George Zupp places there as well. Our ongoing whatever you want to call it, collaborative, gets in my sights and things must be addressed.

It does keep me from the cancerous couch and the internet news cycle at least-things that contrary to most thought can kill an artist.

And beyond the Southern, black people doing things, country white-boy blues, the mystique of being artistic and very rural, there is a salvation to all this you might be pondering.

A long looked at, half done masterpiece finally gets finished.

No haggling on this one though, I'll just keep it with mine.

From here on out, I'm satisfied with just beer & Bacon-Cheers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Preacher With Electric Snakes

His cigarette is the sins.

The snakes are the initials

For better or for worse.

Yours truly and a better half.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Black Snake Jug & A Good Hair Day

It's that time a year again, the beginning of the giving season. This time though, I don't know, feel burned-out or something, not much to give.

I get a few inquires if I have this, that or anymore of this or that. I usually don't though, this or that has been long gone-painted over or owned by another far away...hopefully hanging somewhere nice.

And it's getting cold in this old house, just a wood-burning stove. My hands get stiff and I can barely work at all. The beanie stays on the head until, if, the day warms up.

Like a good hair day however, what I have never lasts long. It gets gone one way or another.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Two Rival Jug Potters-An Old New Reoccuring Theme-Southern American Art

There are some reoccurring themes I just like to do from time to time. The evolution is apparent to me and something I find enjoyable to experience. There is no going back, like a story, an image can change over time. It should change over time.

The icing on the cake is getting a message from a collector of my art, an image of their wall in their home, a painting long forgotten about-an old new reoccurring theme.

And a very rare one on Georgia barn tin.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Few Older Cubish Paintings, Cubist Goats And Other Things

When did I do that Man Fighting A Snake? I think it was 2007 or so. I need to find the image of the Cat Fight that I painted like this. I think it is somewhere in Seattle.

I went through a little period there, the novelty of Cubism I suppose, Cubish at least.

That period never went away. It just got buried under everything else. Maybe Cubish Cat Fight 2 can be something here soon. The naked lady there was another jaunt around that time.Another on-going on-going. More linear expressive, like the art I made twenty something years ago.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wrestling Another Small Space Of Art, Tags, Labels & Names

It usually takes a year after a major move to get my studio space and projects into full gear, and so a year has past. This time however a bit more than just a little rearranging.

Time to beat back the old road, names spit-out, stomped, pulverized.

Whatever it takes to keep moving, or feel that way. Lets end this short blob with a quote from a favorite Wes Anderson flick, "stop including me!"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Few Older Paintings & Spaces To Paint

I miss the old place at Red Mud Studio #2. The walls were some sort of sheet rock materiel though, plus we rented so I could neither staple works in progress to the wall or sling paint like crazy. There was a good many paintings and even more videos made there. Some of my finest characters evolved in that room. It was as well, right there against that wall that me and Artist Dolan Geiman settled on the name American Ruralist Movement, when he came through from Chicago.

So, without too many other ways to make art, I would end up laying a big door on a coupe of saw horses and do my work. Many idea and titles would get jotted down on the doors. This one really stood out. The details and little notes & gestures had an importance to me at the time, some still do. This door now hangs in my hall-one of my favorite works I ever made. I have another one in storage. There just is no place to hang it.

My solution to my art/studio space challenges resulted many times in me just working with graphite. Ambrocious Cat is another residing now in my hallway. I feed from myself, my art, some of it I just can't sell.