Monday, September 26, 2016

Jolly Chimp Painter Study

HI! This is on a Natty Beer Box of course, just a study in oil, nothing much, but I need to post something here since my last post was such a bummer. Ah who's looking at this slop anyway?

I moved on up to anther blog, but still plan a post here every now and then, if I can muster the words, art or something that will fit. It is hard going back though.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Creepy Man Crush Art Plagiarizing Stalker Troll At It Again and I quit.

Well folks he's at it again. This shit has been going on now for ten years. He bought a few small paintings off me on Ebay and then started making bad copy's of them and my Red Mud Series in general trying to capitalize on my hard work, ideas and sales. People have suggested that this 70+ year old man from Vermont has a Man Crush on me.

I don't know. I just wish he could at least give me credit for inspiring his cheap knock-offs. I know all this sounds strange, funny, especially when you see his attempts. But what would you think if it was happening to you and being posted all over the net next to your art? People have brought up my images online and asked me if I did this one or that one. I look at it and its this horrible thing using my words, stories, titles and it's one of this jerks pieces of crap stick figure dribbles. Being consistently good is important to art success. I have worked hard in art for over 3 decades earning a B.F.A and never letting any work out that I did not think was my very best. I know that people get confused and have thought this persons crap was mine and turn away. This has effected me both personally and financially.

What a pathetic life this Vermont man leads. He has a pension, a business, property, family, grand kids a farm and he still after ten years is taking the time to stalk me. Again, this person is in his 70's.

Maybe he does have the hots for me! Sorry buddy, I'm married.

Below here you can see where a painting called Anaconda Dinner I sold last year to a collector in France was posted by the Frenchmen on a Facebook art page. Not long after that my art troll lover posted his version as if he came up with it all by himself.

He also posted this insane rambling comment on the French fellows post about me. It got one like and that like was Richard Chalmers other I.D., Richard Chalmers!!! Is that pathetic or what?

So some of you may be wondering why I'm quitting the red mud art I started that many of you have invested in over the years, this is one reason. It's a shitty feeling knowing you are providing art ideas for some gift shop crafter. I don't deserve this and neither do any of you, but I'd rather just quit. After ten years the series has run it's course anyway. I find myself more and more realizing the people buying it are decorators with no idea of the personal importance the series meant to me and my family's southern past. I am the blame for some of that. Until it inspires me again, I am leaving it alone. I have a whole new direction that is challenging, fresh and rewarding.

For anyone reading this thinking of putting your work on the net, think about it hard. You just might wind up finding yourself ten years later dealing with some nut fuck job that just won't go away all because you wanted to show your work and maybe pay a bill or two with it. It is not worth it.

There is so much more. He's stalked my daughter, tried to send her messages about how horrible her Dad is. He has tried to contact my dealers, galleries, people who have bought my art, my friends on the net. He's made horrible, slanderous comments all over the net using my name, my art and has rambled and babbled like a crazy person. I have had to monitor this creep for years. I wish his family knew what kind of monster he is, maybe they do. All because I caught him trying to rip off my art.

Again, it is not worth it. Keep your art to yourself, you do not want someone like this finding you.



Sunday, July 31, 2016

Catfish Stringer, Long John Rabbits Food Box Art Sabbatical

I've decided to not list my available work for a while. This will be implemented soon. My older Red Mud's and other art is starting to pop-up more in auction catalogs so it's out there enough. It is hard marketing your art on your own. I've been lucky I guess without even a website. Maybe it's time or a gallery I can fit into, that has not been easy to find either, not that I've ever looked though. It is hard to find anyone you can trust in the art biz. So, I will still post on this blog from time to time and thin my Sunday listings of 1-3 paintings down to zero? We shall see...who's looking at this blog anyway? I think I'll just enjoy making art for myself for a while.

This painting is called Catfish Stringer, the latest from the food box series. It is available for one week click here

Below is The Long John Rabbit It was my previous most recent work in the Food Box Series. It sold.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Vagrant With A Savannah Swamp Dog Painting

The vagrant is gonna be up in that marsh oak all night long.

That swamp dog has his scent, until something better comes along.

It's alright though...

That vagrant is feeling no pains and in no hurry at all.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hog Sloppin', Frog Giggin' & Bird Doggin'

I'm working on a large painting about a hog slopping frenzy. I wish I could post photos, but revealing my process would definitely bring out a few Mr. Slugworths and they can stick where the sun don't shine. My Grandad kept a slop bucket by the kitchen table for his pigs.
All the scraps went in there, if a cigarette got accidentally scraped in "paw' would have a fit. Even though he was the only person smoking, you got blamed for the damn butt in the slop bucket. When we would get out to the pins to slop the hogs he always had a big stick or a bat. He would knock the living daylights out of the big hogs if the little ones couldn't get in to the frenzy. And the funniest thing was watching him cuss and whack if two hogs started fighting, Grandpa right in the middle.
There's a few low-life's out there over the years trying to steal my "Red Mud" look and stories, they're just trying to steal from my life because they have none of their own. These particular paintings of mine from over the years are an autobiography, my life sold on God. This painting I did as a break from a larger variation I started before.
I had to do this painting to figure things out, because the larger version is kicking my ass, when you see, if you see it, you will understand. It just might be the most challenging Red Mud I've tried, ....stay tuned.

So I did this smaller version of sorts to try and work something out. It really doesn't do the big version justice, but I am happy with it nonetheless.

Then there was this fella, sneaking around in the Savannah marsh, looking for bullfrogs to gig. When I was a tiny kid my Grandad in Texas had a huge frog gig.

It hung in the rafters of his garage. It must have been 12 feet of bamboo and an iron gig on the end. They gigged frogs out at the family farm in ponds, but out there in Texas they didn't call them ponds, they called them tanks. I love fried frog legs, one of the best things you can eat.
By the time I was old enough, we just caught the bullfrogs with our fishing poles and a dry jig...or the .22, BB gun, bow and arrow, etc. I also love Savannah, I'm moving there someday. In the mean time I go down there as much as I can...frogs better watch out.

But don't get me started on hunting southern quail vs. California quail. There is no debate. California quail is a man challenge, Southern quail, you're letting the dog do all the work.

I never hunted quail in the south. Saw enough of it though from the high class hunters. I did hunt California quail. California quail were much bigger and more challenging to hunt. You could not use a dog out there. You had to use a quail call and stalk the covey through the thick California Chaparrel. A bird dog was useless out there.
When you hit a covey it seemed like a thousand birds all at once swarming you and you shot like hell, just hoping your bird wouldn't land in a slew full of wild hogs. If so, you better find the nearest tree, because birdshot aint gonna do nothing to a mad wild hog. Click here for my art listings (although some of my auctions do not show right away because eBay is really screwed up these days, so check back from time to time. I probably should be quitting eBay here in the near future, it's just become such an addicting activity with the art over the years.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Watcher Rabbits Georgia Red Mud Painting

They're watching you watch them.

You're watching them watch you.

I watched you watch them.

And you watched me watch you.

This painting has sold.

Available Art Sometimes Click Here

Sunday, March 20, 2016

More Rabbit Butcher, More Big Elk, More Cats, Hounds, Trees!

I'm still on this Rabbit Butcher figure. It's been a few weeks since I stared at the huge canvas. In between theres been another small one then this on some birch...I like it!

And then there's some other things I have worked on and worked on then shoved someplace here and there. Later on that though, it aint like I'm getting paid to blog or something.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lady With A Laying Hen Hat & Rabbit Butcher #2-Georgia Red Mud paintings

I think the cold is done for the year here. No more dealing with firewood and 4 layers of clothes. I've been working with themes lately. My Granddad had a meat house out at the farm. I remember the big tree trunk butcher block, the cedar ham curing box and the huge walk in freezer full of farm meat, homemade sausage, liver pudding, catfish stew, wild game and homemade cheese.

Lady With A Laying Hen Hat is what I call one of my Blue Burst Red Mud Paintings. This lady walks around selling eggs. The hen lays them on her head and she just drops them down into the basket. About as fresh as they get.

Old school food, I bought some Mexican blood sausage the other day and have a fridge full of farm fresh double yolk eggs-strange, odd shaped things you will never see in your chain grocer. Time for my shady painted figure to cook.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Rabbit Butcher Beer Box Painting

I think I'm gonna do some larger variations of my beer box work. Been saying that, I have before and vice versa. Juggling the Estranged oil painting theme and the classic Red Mud/Black Figure has been just that-a juggle. I like them both and I can do them.
Who knows, like everything, it will evolve and morph, I'm sure.
Everything gets butchered eventually.
Then put back together again, one way or another.
Why not? click here if you want to bid on the Butcher or whatever else I might have

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Libba With A Sunburst Parlor Guitar-Georgia Red Mud Painting

She's usually playing her Prewar Martin.
This time she's picking an old sunburst parlor guitar.
I think this is one of my best Georgia Red Mud Paintings.
I'd like to see it hanging in a museum someday, but they usually don't give artist like me that time a day... least while I'm still kicking.
Available At This Click For A While

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Devils Rocking Chair A New Year Painting

Lulled in by a California like holiday season, the cold hit from nowhere a day after New Years.
Now, most of this 130 year old house is 30-40 degrees at times, the dish soap freezes in the kitchen.
Confined in a room with a wood burning stove, constantly tending it, like the devil in a rocking chair.
Another year of trying to find meaning behind this internet art hustle, the voyeurism.
available here

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Estranged Series Part 1

A lot of work went into this so far in anticipation for a show slated.

I didn't want to Red Mud it, market it, none of that. It was about art from being caught-up, that had to be made. It was about just having a show, taking a risk with something untested-what an art show is supposed to be.

It's too much. Red Muds were expected as well...of course.

The Estranged Series will roll on though until as fascination evolves locked away right here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cheap Natty Light Beer Box-Junk Food Paintings & Huffing More Internet Art or Slurry

So I've gone through a few boxes of Natty's and other related junk food grocery store "art supplies" items.

Above is called "Drunk Drunker Than The Other"...and Chicken George Zupp keeps pestering me to make videos, jump back in the net art slap fight...but I'm drinking his beer!

Videos will reveal my secret in the other room, the show next year, it is the only room with video mojo. The work in oil, on canvas is just too big to hide, it cannot be seen yet, it may never be seen...but videos again I'm afraid, I am afraid.

No amount of Natty's will get this bird singing, I don't think. I should stay strong and shut my big fat mouth, I know I can't though, trying to be cryptic, here maybe, not intentional. On video? Noway in hell. I'm running out of time, so I better start talking here soon. After all I took this vow a long time ago, the vow of an internet artist, a vow ounce huffed can never be unhuffed.

It's like the last plans of the great Native American Chiefs-Fight to the death or give into the unstoppable Slurry.

But the Slurry would never hire someone like me anyway... CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABLE ART